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Leap Of Faith

Well, I did it. I took the leap of faith and I posted on my social media that I began a new adventure. Prayers that it’s accepted and that they will be as excited as I am about this! Y’all here on WordPress already knew so see! It pays to keep up with my blogging because you’ll likely hear things first; even before my closest friends at times. 🙂

It’s scary to start something new like this but I just know it will bless others when I start creating cards and sending them out. I want to send cards for my church when people visit or have a need. I want to send cards to my local senior centers and let them know that they’re not forgotten but they are loved and valued for their wisdom having survived all this time on this earth. I believe it is my mission to send happy mail!

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Keep those prayers rollin’ for my new business and that all the people I’m supposed to connect with with find me. 🙂

Hope your Good Friday was good. Easter is coming!


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