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There was a challenge in a group to color a particular picture. The winner with the most likes was to get a gift certificate. Knowing I didn’t have all the materials the other, more seasoned, ladies in the group had, I had no intention of participating. But…

I told myself to DO the challenge! Even if I don’t submit it to win something, sometimes it’s good just to let loose and create! USE the craft supplies! Please remember to be super kind to yourself and allow yourself to dream, to draw, to color, and NOT JUDGE the outcome! If you feel like taking a crayon and just making huge scribbles to release some emotion, DO IT! We would never discourage a child from doing so. Don’t discourage yourself from doing it! We are all just grow up children, after all.

I’m NO artist. My “creativity” only comes from copying others because I never feel like what I make up in my own mind is ever as good as others. Today! The negativity stops! Who cares whose is better or worse! It’s MINE and I enjoyed the process of making it! And that should be enough! That IS enough.


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