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And OF COURSE you’ll want to learn neat techniques and find inspiration on how to use these products you’re adding to your stash! Bless your creative soul! 🙂 I’m right there with you! I LOVE all the things! But, let’s not just buy them and look at them. Let’s get messy! Let’s USE them! Let’s make cards to bless people in our lives with! It’s my WHY! To bring a smile and happy mail to my friends and family! And YOU! Please consider joining my YouTube channel because that, my love, is where you will find all my workshops, tutorials, and classes! I can’t WAIT to share with you! My first video will be the official un-BOXing of my starter kit! Did you know Stampin’ Up! lets you pick whatever you want to put in your kit?? And it’s $149 value for only $99?? It’s true! I’ll show you all the things I chose but if you decide you want to play, too, your kit will vary. 🙂

Now I know there’s not a lot of content YET, but there will be LOTS coming your way! I already have some incredible ideas for my first “class”. 😀 I hope you’ll subscribe and stick around! Let me know if you see anything you’d like me to demonstrate by commenting below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Okay, that’s all the news for now! Next Wednesday is the estimated arrival of the magical box! Eeeeee! Until then, KEEP IN TOUCH!


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